history, memory, transmission


MEDEOS has at its core humanity and altruism, and it is represented through its collaborators, the residents and their relatives. Exchange, transmission of each and everyone’s culture and togetherness are what constitute the daily relationships within every institutions.

Art is a carrier of this transmission that establishes, crystalizes and enhances everyone’s individual story. It creates a bond.
The Prizes will reward with an acquisition an artist for his/her work on memory, individual/collective story, transmission. The jury will be composed of directing members of the group, collaborators and an art professional, as well as a consulting member of Art-o-rama.

The work of art will then be exhibited at the headquarters of the group or in one of the institutions. It will be inaugurated at the occasion of an opening, a moment of harmony with the different actors of the institutions in order to consider the artwork and present it, along with mediation tools, so that everyone can grab hold of it.


In 2021 MEDEOS acquired works by Christie Neptune, represented by Grant Wahlquist (Portland, ME).

Christie Neptune, represented by Grant Wahlquist (Portland, ME)

Laureate of Medeos Prize 2021
© Margot Montigny