Collezione Taurisano Prize, based in Naples, will reward an exhibitor by acquiring an artwork up to 5000€




PÉBÉO, an important French paint manufacturer, is committed to buy one or several paintings up to 10 000€, for its collection.




Acquisition of an artwork about issues of memory, history and transmission up to 10 000€, for the collection of the company.



Benoît Doche de Laquintane Prize

Acquisition of an artwork for the collection articulated around the notions of poetry, of fitting into one’s time, and of presence in the world.



Roger Pailhas Prize

Paying tribute to the Marseille-based gallerist, known for his daring and innovative booths within the most prestigious art fairs,

ART-O-RAMA has inaugurated in 2015 the Roger Pailhas Prize. Awarded by a jury of collectors, this prize will reward the most daring curatorial project with the reimbursement of the exhibition fee.

Anna Dot, represented by Bombon Projects (Barcelona)

Giving space to confusion (2017)
Printed banner, 500 x 75 cm
Laureate of the Because of Many Suns Prize by CollezioneTaurisano in 2021
© Margot Montigny

Bea Bonafini, represented by Bosse&Baum (London)

Laureate of Pébéo Prize 2021
© Margot Montigny

Florian and Michael Quistrebert, represented by Crèvecœur (Paris)

Laureate of Pébéo Prize 2021
© Margot Montigny

Christie Neptune, represented by Grant Wahlquist (Portland, ME)

Laureate of Medeos Prize 2021
© Margot Montigny

Chalisée Naamani, represented by Ciaccia Levi (Paris)

Maison Sac à Dos ou Habit(acle) (2020)
Mixed techniques
134 x 118 x 118 cm
Laureate of the Benoît Doche de Laquintaine Prize 2021
© Margot Montigny

Exo Exo, Paris, project by Gaspar Willmann, Laureate of the Roger Pailhas Prize

© Margot Montigny