Praz-Delavallade, Paris

For its second participation in ART-O-RAMA, Paris-based Praz-Delavallade will present a booth that is coherent with its program and the axes that define the gallery. After having focused on four Californian positions last year, this year’s presentation will be mostly centered on European artists.

Doing the maximum with the minimum, highlighting the difference, the strange, the “outside” by means of the most banal referents: that is Pierre Ardouvin’s artistic economy. His use of domestic materials, motifs and objects, manifestly subverted, is designed to challenge the emotions and manages to reveal the potential for the infernal and the marvelous contained in these commonplace material bodies.

Joe Reihsen’s paintings are characterized by optical illusions, vigorous and determined overlays of polymers that often exceed every possible limit of the surface. Over the years he has constructed a body of work that is both materially determined and metaphorically romantic, a body of work that bears the tension of a physical universe that is highly permeated with digital realities.

Philippe Decrauzat is interested in the repertory of forms that contributed to define the specific field of abstraction. He observes its contemporary occurrences and differing developments, before re-appropriating for himself. For this, he is drawing from art history, but also other fields like graphic design, architecture, cinema, music or even literature and science.

The abstract paintings by Thomas Fougeirol operate much like time-lapsed film stills, a blank slate loop emerging out of nothingness. Eschewing the label of an abstract painter, Fougeirol considers himself a representational painter who deals with the idea, content, and history of abstraction.