February 10 to September 1

Gianni Pettena

Curated by Marie Cozette

“Anarchitect”: it was with this provocative term that Gianni Pettena defined himself in a 1973 manifesto.
An unclassifiable figure, Gianni Pettena escapes categories and chooses to make architecture without architecture, exploring the wider field of art and critical theory. Between the visual arts, performance, teaching and writing, he never ceases to question the foundations of architecture, while challenging the established order, functionalism, capitalist and consumerist logics at work in society, and more specifically in the way cities are designed today.


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Address: 26 quai Aspirant Herber, 34200 Sète

Gianni Pettena

Anarchitecture (2024)
Courtesy of the artist and Galerie Salle Principale, Paris. Photo: Aurélien Mole.