Basile Ghosn (Lebanon, 1991) is an artist graduated from Villa Arson (Nice) in 2018 and lives and works in Marseille. He participated in major group exhibitions while still a student, such as BLOM, Belsunce Projects (2018), Cité Radieuse Le Corbusier, Marseille (2018). He was first interested in architecture, way better using and handle it and doing it to do it. Urban space is its motive, its pretext, its territory.


He sent Isa Genzken, who describes his own work as a magical art cabinet, the radical stripping of Blinky Palermo, the interplay between architecture and architecture by Martin Boyce and paintings by Gerhard Richter. But also from Richard Prince: the work articulating around the notion of selection and what sometimes calls art appropriation. His paintings or toner transfers on wood panels do not need titles.

He has also created “ghost exits”, self-supported structures in metal and glass, recovered, serigraphy. Basil Ghosn likes Sade’s phrase: “You made me old ghosts that I will have to realize. “

Basile Ghosn

Untitled (2018)
(Installation view), screenprinted wallpaper
Variable dimensions
Courtesy of Basil Ghosn