Artistic Committees


The artistic committee for galleries and Immaterial salon is composed of:

Émilien Chayia, collector, Marseille

Benoit Doche de Laquintane, collector, Bordeaux

Marie Madec, gallery owner, sans titre, Paris

Joana Roda, gallery owner, Bombon Projects, Barcelona

Sophie Tappeiner, gallery owner, Sophie Tappeiner gallery, Vienna

Sveva Taurisano, collector and founder of CollezioneTaurisano, Milan



The artistic committee for the Edition art & design is composed of:


Jean-Pierre Blanc, director of Villa Noailles, Hyères
Gilles Drouault, director of Gilles Drouault galerie/multiples, Paris
Marion Mailaender, interior designer, Marseille / Paris
Olivier Ludwig-Legardez, director of Tchikebe, Marseille
Benoît Maire, artist and co-founder of Ker-Xavier, Bordeaux

Sophie Tappeiner, Vienna, Art-o-rama 2022 © Margot Montigny

Marion Mailaender, Paris/Marseille, Art-o-rama design 2022 © Margot Montigny