Artistic Committees


The artistic committee for the Gallery section and Salon immatériel section is composed of:

Émilien Chayia, collector, Marseille

Sveva D’Antonio, collector, Roma

Marie Madec, gallery owner, sans titre, Paris

Haynes Riley, gallery owner, Good Weather, Chicago / North Little Rock

Joana Roda, gallery owner, Bombon Projects, Barcelona

Sophie Tappeiner, gallery owner, Sophie Tappeiner gallery, Vienna



The artistic committee for Edition & design section is composed of:

Nathalie Dewez, designer, Marseille

Gilles Drouault, director of Gilles Drouault galerie/multiples, Paris

Nathalie Guiot, President and founder of the Fondation Thalie, curator, Brussels / Arles

Olivier Ludwig-Legardez, director of Tchikebe, Marseille

Goodweather, Chicago / North Little Rock, Art-o-rama 2023 © Margot Montigny

Fondation Thalie, Bruxelles / Arles, Art-o-rama 2023 © Margot Montigny