Antoine Grulier is a young artist born in Hyères les Palmiers; graduated in applied arts (fashion section – images, media and editorial) and in plastic expression in 2015, a DNSEP at the Marseille-Mediterannée School of Art and Design. He lives and works in Paris and Hyères He receives a scholarship to help creation by the Drac in 2018 and was among other winners design parade Toulon with special mention and jury prize. His recent exhibitions include 5 room – Moulin des Robes in Grasse, Encore Bruxelles_ Deadline, and Nouveaux Regards at Villa Noailles in Hyères. These works are full of life and full of colors, juggling with various materials and techniques such as ceramics, gouache, video, acrylic …

The aesthetic, for Antoine Grulier, is not that of a cynical cradingue. It is not a pure spectacle of a satisfied disgust, nor a playful display of destructive nihilism and vomit. The tone is that of adolescence – which means revolt, and traces of childhood. The derision is not that of snobs: between the sardonic tone and sweetness, it distributes all the game of feelings.

What this work tells us, and how deeply young it is, is that, beyond zapping, beyond the giant mikado of signs and derisions, there is something called hope. The hope of new forms – not fooled by themselves, but not resolved to mean only a fallen past. The hope, by investing what surrounds us, by moving the continents of our childhood, to find in the end, a tranquility, a brilliance, a way of making objects and the world live.

Antoine Grulier

Vue des “tentes” (une sur trois)
Tubes in cardboard boxes, strips of plaster, colored t-shirts, camp bed, silk-screen printed fabrics, enamelled earthenware, silkscreen on paper.
Variable dimensions
Les bains douches - Marseille 2015
Courtesy Antoine Grulier