Le sol et son dièse

From May 18 to August 31, 2024

Sound invitation by François Marcelly-Fernandez

In partnership with voyons voir

Curated by Céline Ghisleri, in collaboration with Elsa Roussel

Lina Jabbour

The point, the line, the plane and the weft form the core of Lina Jabbour’s work, questioning the image in what is given to be seen, in what seems to appear or disappear.


Lina Jabbour’s works and site-specific interventions question the point of view, and move back and forth between a fixed and a moving state, altering the way we perceive places.




Your VIP card (valid for two people) gives you free admission to 3bisf from August 26 to September 8 inclusive. Please check opening times and dates on their website.




Lina Jabbour

Exhibition view, Le sol et le dièse (2024)
© Jean-Christophe Lett