31 Aug. – 3 Sept. 2023

Art-O-Rama, Marseille 31 Aug. – 3 Sept. 2023
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Friday morning at 9am, artist Adrien Vescovi opens the doors of his studio to us!


Adrien Vescovi is living and working in Marseille since 2017 after a long practice in the mountains of Haute-Savoie. The artist reinvents with contemporary issues the question of the free canvas and of a painting as an architectural and natural scale. Adrien composes temporalities, assembles colours worked according to different alchemical processes, from air (sun and moon rays), earth (ochres and plants) and fire (cooking, infusions). Her way of sewing is a way of painting. Chance is his ally. 


To participate to the visit “Add”. You can change the number of participants in “My Private Tour” before purchase. If you have any question please contact Sasha Vales and Pauline Cagnol via e-mail vip@art-o-rama.fr or by phone +33(0)

Friday the 1st of September - Open Studio Adrien Vescovi