Guest artist 2019

Jonathan Vidal

Jonathan Vidal’s latest works are an enquiry into the relationships between human beings and technology, where the history of the robotic faces labour issues rooted in the master—slavers capitalist dynamic. Employed to supersede humans at work, robots have been designed to retain human features such as the voice or skeleton. By looking at the robotic industry’s history of tests and failures, Vidal’s works raise ethical questions about the treatment of machines. At the same time, by means of traditional artistic media, he questions the very future of the artist’s manual labour in a world driven by digital technology.


On the occasion of ART-O-RAMA, publication of the book “to try to speak no lies”, edition Fræme, collection ART-O-RAMA, 2019.


Head of publication and design
Maud Chavaillon


Christophe Kihm
Charlotte Cosson & Emmanuelle Luciani


13 x 24 cm – 72 pages – 500 copies
Edition : Fræme / collection Art-o-rama
Price : 10 euros


Jonathan Vidal, Guest Artist 2019 ©JeanChristophe_Lett

Jonathan Vidal, 2019 guest artist, To Try to Speak no Lies, Fræme edition, collection Art-o-rama, 2019