Rinomina (*Edition Section), Paris

Daniela Baldelli, Jean-Philippe Bretin, Vanessa Dziuba, Thomas Geiger, Dominique Koch, Markus Lichti, Zoe Claire Miller, Ambra Pittoni

Daniela Baldelli

Le non Travail, 2003-2016
Photocopies, cardboard, found objects
© Quentin Dubret

Vanessa Dziuba

AG book, 2015
60 pages in black and white
© Quentin Dubret

Dominique Koch

Beyond Chattering and Noise, 2015
Installation view, Kunsthalle Basel
© Julien Félix

Markus Lichti

Untitled, 2008
wood, photographs
Courtesy the artist

For the first edition of ART-O-RAMA's EDITION SECTION, Rinomina (Paris) will present a wide range of artistic productions, highlighted by a certain scenic ambition.

Daniela Baldelli, Jean-Philippe Bretin, Vanessa Dziuba, Geiger Thomas, Dominique Koch, Markus Lichti, Ambra Pittoni, or Zoe Claire Miller ... Very attached to exhibition design, Romina's artists editions will be showned on display especially designed for the fair.

Works which are not supposed to hang on a wall, will be placed on lightweight wall mounted displays, consisting of a folded 3mm thin HDF panel with an angle cut wooden board as support. The second display is a round table cut out of a single panel of a composite wood using the “left over” of the cut as legs and construction support.

With this project Rinomina want to create a condition of tension and dialogue between forms, space and objects.