Cécile Dauchez

In my work, I explore the notions of appearance and disappearance of images, architectures, and identities. Slowly, a typology of forms appears and sets out these principles: screen, table, light box, railings, sieve, clouds, mask, fan, or carousel.
Pieces that are not pre-determined result from a mental process set out from the materials, and the arbitrary nature of their handling and transforming.
Sculptures, collages, digital printing and installations are as many levels of a process based upon the observation of marks and sensitive phenomena. Somehow, this non-linear process is similar to excavation.

I find the elaboration conditions of my sculptures through the constant manipulation of images. The intertwining of forms within space reveals the superimposed movements and successive stratum at play.
Filter, porosity and fragmentation are the principles that bridge elements of various origins and combine every scale of the material.

Cécile Dauchez, April 2010