Émilie Perotto

Every year Art-O-Rama invites an artist living and working in Marseilles or its area. Our guest artist for 2008 is Emilie Perotto (Born 1980, lives and works in Marseille and Nice).

Since she started her studies at Ecole nationale supErieure d'art de Nice, Villa Arson in 2004, Emilie Perotto has made of wood her main and privileged material. Her sculptures and installations are assemblages of forms made of chipboard, laminated wood or plywood. Indeed, industrialised wood, formatted and recomposed, is the basis of her construction set.

Her art works that seem to be made to be valued under the eye of manual know-how (usually left to craftwork and male representation) remind us that art is not a matter of gender any longer and that it oversteps categories. Her work's formal rigour serves a poetic development that is close to the surrealist "cadavres exquis" where abstract modules bang together with figurative apparitions inviting us to further funny narrative constructions.

All those boards and chips could well be studio remnants, Meccano for grownups or a dream-like world populated with elephants and coloured bubbles. These gentle visual and semantic collisions are disturbing. They create a new typology, an open, somehow, disparate classification. Emilie Perotto's works unify the complexity of internal logic with immanent presence. Naturalness stands at the background of works, which like other human productions whether industrial or handcrafted, shape and develop a new language, this one, though, quite personal.

Kathy Alliou et Yann Chevallier

During Art-O-Rama, Emilie Perotto will be presenting a new series of sculptures. Her first monographic catalogue will be edited on the occasion (Avec des si je coupe du bois Editions P, an ARCA, GROUP and Confort Moderne co-production) along with a multiple, edition of 8.

Avec des si je coupe du bois • ART-O-RAMA collection • September 2009