Pascal Martinez

Pascal Martinez was chosen by the galleries to be our guest artist in 2010.

Pascal Martinez is a storyteller. His work may seem autobiographical but, most of the times, it is a deception, an empty envelope or cloak that the spectators are given to don. His works are not frozen as relics of a preserved Past but enable the spectators to participate to and become familiar with a common, intimate experience of remembrance thanks to their conversational, playful and ritualising choreographies.
Intimacy is meant as a way to cope with the world through meaningless details that constitute the bricks of our conscience. Christophe Berthoud describing his work : "It possesses the fragile and graceful appearance of a mobile whose centre of gravity is not to be found anywhere particularly but is diluted everywhere in all the various propositions that are linked together by a leading strand made up of his obsessions."

Pascal Martinez transforms real landscapes or interiors into purely artificial spaces which are conducive to dreams or fantasies. He changes the familiar world where we live into a realm of the artifice, fraught with uncanny strangeness and melancholy. His work and his artistic stance can be understood as deriving from that sort of descriptive anthropology which is to be found in contemporary art. His writing process works within a poetic universe, beyond his personal environment and ever mysteriously present, which evokes deep and universal questions- the unescapable passing of time, memory and memories or the problematics of identity.