Frédéric Clavère

His painting often resembles collage. He is drawn by the cinematographic image; And by unexpected juxtapositions, encounters. He can exhibit a series of canvases, fabrics and wood shapes cut out or painted directly on the wall answering one another. He thus creates encounters, between a BMW, a hearse, an Indian dancer, the red hermaphrodite, Shiva, two animals, the Devil...
He is the first provoked by his work. The atrocious image (the martyr) is proof; And a test. Test as a game.

Frédéric Clavère paints calvaries. And suffering. And violence. He doesn't know what this does for him. He just knows he needs it. He builds his paintings around myths and mythology. He works around the secret. Around the secret and the unspeakable. He isn't the first though.
Frédéric Clavère works around a knowledge acquired through the secret. He says painting is obscene and can surprise him long after he has forgotten it. He seeks nothing. Well he seeks something on time better; On time and secret.

Jean-Pierre Ostende in catalogue from the exhibition Lundi Jamais, Galerie du Tableau, Marseilles and Kunsthaus Hamburg, Germany, 1998