"With almost 100 years of existence, Delta Insurances has learnt to adapt itself while evolving continuously.

Expert and Contractor: two words that describe the group’s ambition. Each contributor is then invited to be daring and curious of the outside world as long as his engagement brings him the satisfaction of a wonderful achievement and being proper for the company.
There is no matter that Delta Insurances has historically no particular affinity with Art and Culture, the Artists’ Residency project is accepted and launched.
It is not without a touch of skepticism but also of curiosity that the teams live the experience and discover, Diane Guyot de Saint Michel’s work throughout this adventure,. 

Little by little, the magic happens…After three months of residence, the pride of belonging to a daring and curious company is palpable. Delta Insurances’ values are incarnated throughout this initiative."


It is not simple for an employee to integrate a new team. Oneself has to make its way, prove its skills, be innovative, whilst handling the revolution, being useful by accepting not being essential. Finding allies, being voluntary, if oneself doesn’t have the lead role it at least has to be a follower. Arriving and leaving at proper times, dressing up decently, identifying oneself to the group without being mistaken with it.  

It is not common for an artist to integrate an existent entrepreneurial team. Oneself has to find its place, prove its creativity, do differently without upsetting, conceiving its role and making it attractive with the hope of having his project     succeed, establish purposive alliances, be pugnacious without being insistent. Arriving and leaving at proper times, dressing up freely, retrieving from the group without being out of phase.  

Either corresponding to a strategy, a territorial conquest, or common sense, the processes intended in Diane Guy de Saint Michel’s art are usually made with patient skills and are contextual to an environment that is distanced to her. This practice has become throughout the projects one of the essentials of her artistic approach. The artist intrudes herself with an evident naturalness in the rhythm of hospitals and companies, or of any organization she is welcomed to reside into. She holds back a few singular traits that come, like a serendipity, skillfully negotiating with her own concerns.

The work sphere, since it’s what it’s about, equally draws from carriers and skills as well as the aptly named human resources. Diane initiates role games, even amuses herself to swap them, she patiently creates a relation with the other based on donation and anti-donation. This sensible and daily blend’s result takes its codes from the same context of residency. Here and there, nurses’ blouses, and mottos turn into art pieces. Resulting from these three months spent at Delta Insurances, the lexicons from business careers are decontextualized, relieved from their professional impact, and transforming into a plethora of poetic drops.