Delphine Wibaux
Delphine Wibaux

Absorptions lunaires - migrations diurnes -
Courtesy the artist

Delphine Wibaux delicately brings together image, sculpture, experimental sound and stories which are intrinsically related. She works on "captations", recordings primarily made in nature, which open our senses to otherwise nearly invisible, inaudible occurrences. Her research lies at the rich and complex border between scientific, poetic and phenomenological approaches. Among her most recent experiments is a series the artist began in 2014 while in residence at the Parc Saint-Léger, entitled "Absorptions lunaires". Using a telescope, Delphine Wibaux photographed the moon every night the sky was clear. The images, printed on tracing paper, revealed her "Absorptions", obtained through the light of the sun and the photo-sensitive emulsion the artist concocted from roots gathered in the park. Because no fixer is used, the photographs are carefully kept in a lightproof box.

Since March 21 2017, spring equinox, the artist has re-exposed her prints to light in her studio in Marseille, taking one image out of the box on the 21st of each month. The series displayed at Artorama unveils the transformation of these images "eroded" by the sunlight. A text written in parallel with the process, somewhere between fiction and working note, accompanies the installation. The writing retraces the work of a chimera working on a construction that is exposed at night to the moon’s rays and protected during the day from the sun’s rays until one day it vanishes entirely, withered by the light of our star…

Delphine Wibaux • ART-O-RAMA collection • August 2018