Bertille Bak

F i g u r e s  i m p o s é e s, 2015
video exerpt
16 min. / 16:9_ stereo
Courtesy the artist

Commande de la Maison des Femmes du Hédas réalisée dans le cadre de l’action “Nouveaux Commanditaires” proposée par la Fondation de France médiateur-producteur: Pointdefuite avec le soutien de la Fondation de France de la Fondation Daniel et Nina Carasso, de la Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles d’Aquitaine de la région Aquitaine.

Logirem Foundation
Guest artist: Bertille Bak
« Ateliers de la cité » residency program.

Purchase of the Maison des Femmes du Hédas
produced as part of the program “Nouveaux Commanditaires” on a proposition of
Fondation de France
mediator-producer: Pointdefuite
with the support of Fondation de France
of Fondation Daniel et Nina Carasso,
of Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles d’Aquitaine,
and of région Aquitaine

Bertille Bak’s encounters are not  artificials. The artist’s path leading her to new projects are filled with new encounters. The residency time is one of the many ways the art world created in order to enable human encounters. For Bertille Bak, the act of meeting is already an artistic gesture. Her work cannot exist without the Other constituting it.

In Fonscolombes, Bertille made her mark. And the locals, formed by a diversity of inhabitants in a natural movement that makes our neighbour more and more intimate, are in the process of acceptance.

The « Ateliers de la cité » is an artist residency program initiated by Logirem foundation in 2008 at the Bricarde neighbourhood and in 2014 at Fonscolombes neighborhood in Marseilles, coordinated by Sextant et plus / Group. It consists of artwork productions within the public space by artists on site and meetings with local inhabitants, and for which Bertille Bak is the 2017 Gust Artist.

Created in 1998, the Logirem Foundation starts, accompanies and supports cultural projects run by non-profit organizations for  housing stock inhabitants. Through connection and awareness-raising the Logirem foundation helps to offer a demanding cultural supply in their residencies but also encourages tenants to visit cultural sites. Factor of fulfilment, education, awareness, but also meetings and sharing spirit, culture  is a way to break frontiers whether they be physical or  moral. It is, until now, one of the only existing foundation within the social housing network. It consists of one of the most important branch of Logirem in terms of social innovation.