Being an ART-O-RAMA partner since 2015, the Compagnie Fruitière strengthens its engagement in favor of international contemporary creation by a residency program that takes place in Africa and is coordinated by Art+. In  2018 Marie Bovo, a French artist based in Marseille, and represented by the Kamel Mennour, Paris an OSL contemporary, Oslo galleries, has installed herself in the heart of Ghanaian plantings.

All of Marie Bovo’s art affirms itself in the “Cuisine” series, from which are extracted both presented photographs. A skillfully chosen light, a precise framing, an off-center subject, an atmosphere and a mystery nourished by men’s gestures. The photographer artist resided for eight weeks in the Golden Exotics LTD farm at a few hours from Accra.  She moved around local villages and more particularly concentrating herself on Kasunya where live many of the company’s employees. It is in this intimacy of those villages’ everyday life that Marie Bovo seized, with the help of her photographic room, long poses in the heart of the inhabitant’s life. 

Similar processes have been established for the “Morning Setting” art piece, where the housings seem being the theatre setting of objects abandoned to themselves, imprinted with an activity that seems to have disappeared.  The capture’s precision in Marie Bovo’s art unveils a plethora of details and an infinity of colored fine points. Here and there a phone number is enrolled to the sober cob, a lonely shoe, a forgotten dustpan, vibrant colored basins compose a ritual’s enigma that turns out being the breakfast or dinner space.  “Morning Setting”, a photographic series with wide dimension editions, is the still-life’s proofreading where the setting is here the everyday life implementation of necessary objects to essential needs. These ones are done outside of the habitat, on the yard’s ground in front of the houses and focus on humble objects, from ancestral know-hows and their colonization by contemporary artefacts, mostly made in China.