Talks organized by the Fondation d'entreprise Ricard.
Curated and moderated by Cédric Aurelle


Saturday 26 August at 3:30 PM
Sunday 27 August at 4:00 PM
La Cartonnerie / outside Lounge

ART-O-RAMA and the Fondation d’entreprise Ricard are happy to announce their  first ever collaboration in the organisation of a unique series of talks conceived and moderated by Cédric Aurelle. Cédric Aurelle, French art critic based in Paris and Marseilles, will continue his investigation on the themes of polarisation and the emergence of new contemporary art scenes.


In French, Marseille is in the singular, a singular without singularities. However, the mosaic offered by the city to its visitors could not be reduced to the singleness of one proposition. Could there be several "Marseille(s)" as the English translation seems to induce? Indeed, in the globalized language the city takes on a plural "s" and becomes Marseilles. Could this plural give a better understanding of this urban kaleidoscope which importance and complexity come from a history of migrations, humans and goods trade, and colonisation?

This oscillation between a hegemonic singular and a plural kaleidoscope is the background to ART-O-RAMA’s talks. The series of talks will address the art market and art history mechanisms of dominant narratives production and, within them, the position of divergent forms that deal with issues of gender, race, and post-colonialism. Will also be addressed the way some places — by means of their specificities — build their own diversity against centralizing projects.


Saturday 26 August
3:30 PM

Introduction by Colette Barbier, director of the Fondation d'entreprise Ricard followed by "3 questions to Vincent Lamouroux" on the occasion of "New Runway", solo show at the Friche la Belle de Mai's Panorama.

Saturday 26 August
4:00 PM

The Art Market between Feminism and Decolonialism

With Françoise Vergès, Isabelle Alfonsi, and Julien Creuzet.

For several years now, new forms and voices have been emerging within a globalized art market which context is not exclusively male, white, and Western. By offering visibility to forms and narratives that diverge from the dominant model, can art market and history secure a framework that does not reproduce domination patterns inherited from colonial thinking?

What are the mechanisms of power that enable the appearance of new forms?
How do dominant narratives deal with digressive proposals? Can an emancipating project resist its recycling into a product by the market?

Sunday 27 August
4:00 PM


South(s) as a State of Mind

With Marie-Ann Yemsi, Sumeshwar Sharma, and Charlotte Cosson & Emmanuelle Luciani.

The contemporary world cannot be thought anymore from the perspective of one or several hegemonic centers with peripheries and satellites. South(s), in this perspective, cannot be considered as vessel(s) of a world organized from the hegemonic North. Based on the historical Non-Aligned model, this talk aims to address Africa as its own center and holder of its own utopia as well as Marseilles and its undeniable southern roots, enabling us to apprehend the world in its space-time wholeness while cultivating the city’s genius.