Roger Pailhas at the gallery during a solo show by Daniel Buren, 1991, Marseilles.

Paying tribute to the Marseille-based gallerist, known for his daring and innovative booths within the most prestigious art fairs, ART-O-RAMA organizes since 2015 the Roger Pailhas Prize. Awarded by the guest art collectors, this prize will reward the best curatorial project with the reimbursement of the fair’s participation fees.

2018 Prize winner

Paris-based gallery Sans titre (2016) and their presentation of Agata Ingarden and Rahel Pötsch

Roger Pailhas

Roger Pailhas inaugurated his first gallery in Marseille (Cours Julien neighborhood) in 1986  with a group show that gathered Daniel Buren, Gilbert Della-Nocce, Toni Grand, Jannis Kounellis, Sol Le Witt, Mario Merz, and Bruce Nauman.
In 1990, he opened a second space in Paris with a solo show by John Knight. In 1996 the Marseille-based gallery moved to the Vieux-Port (old harbor central neighborhood) into a 1,000sqm space. He closed the Parisian gallery in 1998 and decided to focus on Marseille instead.
In 1996 he created Art Dealers, an original contemporary art fair where he gathered, within the gallery's space, 8 new international galleries each year.
Meanwhile, he participated in some of the most prestigious international art fairs such as Art Basel, Fiac, and the Armory show, where he offered, with the complicity of his artists, among the most ambitious and adventurous booths. Samuel Keller himself said that Roger Pailhas' booths inspired the Statement section of Art Basel. The gallery and Art Dealers ceased to exist when Roger Pailhas passed away in 2005.