Eva Medin
Eva Medin

Smars, 2015
Courtesy the artist

After experimenting with two-dimensional space of paper and drawing, Eva Medin quickly turned to work on bodies and their projection on stage, working in collaboration with choreographers while she was still a student at the art school in Monaco.

Since graduating, her work has primarily focused on the creation of immersive environments and sensorial itineraries. In her videos and installations, she plays with grammar from cinema and theatre and maintains poetic tension derived from popular culture. Her video Smars, projected inside the installation Cratch (2015) constitutes a veritable synthesis of the media she continues to explore: it is a film shot in a day care centre where she was invited as a guest artist in residence. She staged "cosmonaut" children whose hesitations and uncertainty stimulate irresistible empathy.

Through the effects of framing and composition, and the right-on decors, the spectator is subjugated by the "non-events" the children experience, in a setting that parodies science-fiction and the B movies that feed our subconscious. The structure housing the video also pokes fun and turns visitors into actors in the space, as they bend to fit in a sort of archetype of a space capsule that has thrust through and fallen into the exhibition space.