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This means That: A User’s
Guide to semiotics
Laurence King publishing, London, 2012 - p.145

Saturday 29 August, 2015

Talk with Saâdane Afif and Michel Gauthier (art critic and curator at Centre Georges Pompidou)


"The Fountain Archives"

Solo show by Saâdane Afif
(Produced by ART-O-RAMA and Le Cartel de la Friche)

ART-O-RAMA invites Berlin-based artist Saâdane Afif to present what he calls a "hobby artwork": The Fountain Archives.

Under the playful aspect of the collecting lies a complex process of work, rich of interpretations and emblematic with themes that are important to the artist. This collection enables him, amongst other things, to keep on questioning art, its production and reception, while paying a strong and malicious hommage to multi-faceted genius Marcel Duchamp.

Since its production, and publication in an article in the magazine The Blind Man in 1917, the ready-made Fountain has inspired inexhaustible comments. Indeed, the artist's gesture and the object himself still are powerful vectors of controversy, with ongoing published articles that keep the debate alive. From rejection to reverence — to the history of ceramics and mathematical language — the diversity of issues raised by Fountain is absolutely staggering.

In 2008, Saâdane Afif started collecting all the publications of a reproduction of Marcel Duchamp's famous urinal and brought them together in a new archival work of art, knowingly targeting the question of representation.

Hundreds of pages found and collected depicting as many points of view of an object reveal its narrative bisections and highlight what “makes” the object and the reasons why we believe in it. By compiling all those different looks at the Fountain, The Fountain Archives reveals the hidden face of the artwork, its subjective form.

Saâdane Afif will reveal the latest additions to this collection, which he has decided will come to an end in 2017 for the hundredth anniversary of Fountain by Marcel Duchamp. The endpoint of Afif's work will be 1001st framed page.